John Collins MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon

 Carmichael Lane, Mallow, Co. Cork  

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the best advise, treatments and care baa none

Sheep are oft times neglected in mixed veterinary practice; not here at Mallow Vets ! I offer a comprehensive flock based ambulatory service to maximise the health, welfare and productivity of your flock, be it large or small, commercial, pedigree or back yard. From lambing to breeding, I am in an enviable position to advise on infectious disease control, vaccinations, worming and breeding strategies to help you succeed. I am experienced in pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound so that you will know the numbers of singles, twins, triplets and quads in your flock and feed them accordingly! 

Firing blanks?, I should hope not!

Breeding soundness examinations are a vital component of successful pre breeding  management. They involve a thorough physical examination of the ram and checking a semen sample so that infertility or sub fertility can be identified way way before scanning time!


My horse, my horse, my kindgom for a horse

A considerable portion of my weekly caseload involves the care and treatment of horses and ponies. I visit a number of breeding farms and racing yards on a regular basis. Having worked with horses since qualifying in 2001, I am very competetent and confident in the diagnosis and treatment of the myriad conditions which can afflict your trusty steed. I can advise on worming and vaccination protocols relevant to your needs and the needs of your horse.

Additionally, I have gained excellent proficiency in routine surgical procedures such as castration. This procedure is conducted under general anaesthesia for ease, safety for horse (and vet!) and efficiency. Considerable levels of skill, knowledge and expertise are warranted to ensure safe induction (off to sleep we go!), maintenance (I feel no pain!) and recovery (wakey wakey!) in all cases. The execution of the procedure in field conditions demands meticulous planning and preparation for sterile surgery. I use the mantra of the 7Ps  at Mallow Vets to ensure that the surgical procedure is delivered in as safe a manner for the patient as possible:








In light of the horse meat debacle earlier this year, I also offer a passport and microchipping service for your horse. Is is a legal requirement for your horse to be passported and any relevant treatments must be recorded in the relevant section. Additionally, there are certain medications whose administration to a horse permanently precludes that horse from entering the food chain. I am happy to advise on all aspects of such treatments.

No foot, no horse

I have experience in the diagnosis and treatment of common lamenesses in horses and liase with a local farrier where required. For those laminitic ponies and horses, I can also advise on feeding, management and shoeing strategies to help keep Neddy sounder for longer! 

and at the end of days......

When your friend is approaching the end of it's happy and contented life, a difficult decision may need to be made regarding euthanasia (humane destruction). It is within our control that horses do not suffer unnecessarily. Where all other remedies and treatments have failed, Neddy can be given a massive and overwhelming dose of anaesthetic, from which there is no recovery. Neddy goes to sleep and never wakes up. Allow me, your trusted veterinary surgeon to advise and guide you at this most testing time.




Beef to the heels like a Mullingar heifer!

Having gained invaluable experience in the beef production heartlands of West Clare and North East Cork, I am in an insuperable position to bring that expertise, dedication and skill to your beef operation irrespective of size. Whether yours is a suckler or dry cattle enterprise or both, I can help your unit to realise it's fullest potential. From neonatal (baby) calf diarrhoea (scour) to stock bull lameness and fertility issues, I have the knowledge to optimise health, welfare and productivity in your herd. 

For ration evaluation for your drystock, I use RUMNUT, a nutrition software package to evaluate the diet fed. I regularly use silage and soil analysis reports to accurately assess silage quality and any potential trace element issues, respectively. 

We are all acutely aware that profitable suckler production is contingent upon delivering one healthy calf per cow per year. I use my Easi Scan 3 scanner on routine fertility visits. Cows that are not in calf can be identified at the earliest possible opportunity. Cows that are pregnant can be assessed for predicted calving date. Twins and the sex of the calf can be assessed if one scans early enough!

Having worked in an intensive beef and suckler based practice in Kilrush, Co. Clare for 2 years, I have considerable experience in the care and resuscitation of weak calves, especially following caesarean section. At the height of the calving season, it was not unusual for me to perform 25-30 caesarean sections per week. The majority of these procedures were performed upon Belgian Blue cows and I have gained enviable experience in the successful execution of this highly specialised, technically demanding but immensely rewarding procedure! It is most satisfying to see a live and vigorous calf on the ground following a timely caesarean section; a calf that may not have survived otherwise!



My healthy herd, my fertile herd, my productive herd, my HAPPY herd!

The abolition of milk quotas in 2015 may signal a rapid increase in dairy herd size in Ireland. The emphasis is ever shifting from the individual dairy cow to the dairy herd. Dairy herd health and management is an exciting field to be involved in today. I have the experience, skills, expertise and dedication to deliver a first rate ambulatory service to your dairy enterprise. Lameness, fertility, mastitis, nutrition, control of infectious disease and cow welfare are all fields in which I can make a real and positive difference to the profitability of your dairy; be it 50 cows or 500. Allow me to advise. 

In recognition of the every increasing difficulty producers face in achieving high conception rates in their dairy herds, I am experienced in the field of reproductive ultrasound in cattle; I use the fully portable Easi Scan 3 digital ultrasound system for womb and ovarian pathology diagnosis as well as for pregnancy diagnosis. I am currently engaging with a number of farmers in the Mallow area to provide a routine, custom and highly efficient herd fertility service.

The ability to produce grass cheaply is a real advantage Irish producers over their European, North American and Australasian colleagues. This system, although highly efficient, cost effective and relatively easily managed, may require additional supplementation in the form of concentrates on an ad hoc basis throughout the year. I use the dairy nutrition program RUMNUT to help ensure delivery of balanced rations to my dairy clients. 

Mastitis in can severely and adversely affect the health, welfare and productivity of your dairy herd. I have gained valuable experience in the investigation of mastitis outbreaks in dairy herds and am happy to advise on your specific concerns, requirements and goals. I use a DeLaval DCC counter for evaluation of cow / quarter somatic cell counts (SCCs) in real time. This aids immensely in decision making. If you milk record, then I can access and assess your herd and individual cow milk data online so as to identify problem areas and effect change for the better! I have the expertise and knowledge to improve your product's quality; better quality means better returns! The cow is of the bovine ilk, one end is MOO, the other MILK!

It has been documented that up to 20% of dairy cows in Irish herds are lame at any one time; every expanding herd sizes and fragmentation of farms mean that cows can spend more time walking on hard and unforgiving surfaces than Mother Nature ever intended. I use locomotion scoring as a tool for herd evaluation of lameness in herds. If you can't easily walk that track in your bare feet, neither can Daisy!


Mallow Vets, Vet Surgeon in Mallow

Mallow Vets, Vet Surgeon in Mallow

John Collins, Vet Surgeon in Mallow, of Mallow Vets is a graduate of The Veterinary College Ireland covering all aspects of veterinary medicine.

Vet Surgeon in Mallow

I enjoy a varied caseload at Mallow Vets and love being on farm dealing with problems in real time. John is a Vet Surgeon in Mallow, click here to read more:

Mallow Vets, Vet Surgeon in Mallow


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