John Collins MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon

 Carmichael Lane, Mallow, Co. Cork  

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Mallow Vets are based Carmichael Lane, Mallow, Co. Cork

Everybody likes to sweeten up after dinner....

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Coming to a freezer isle near you SOON!

Personally, I prefer a Cornetto......

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All is not as it seems…

It is claimed that for every mistake made for not knowing, 100 are made for not looking!

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The fundamental difference between cats and dogs

Dogs are so eager to please; cats aren't!

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Thankfully, equine medicine has made huge advancements since the 50s

I am happy to advise and help on matters relating to the welfare and wellbeing of your buddy! Get your Mr Ed talking; contact Mallow Vets

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If you see this lady, please tell her to come home! NZ is not all it is portrayed to be......

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It was all just a bit of a misunderstanding..

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Local anaesthetic ought to be used for all painful procedures.....

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He walketh among us...

Confirming what we already suspected…..

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Mallow Vets, Vet Surgeon in Mallow

Mallow Vets, Vet Surgeon in Mallow

John Collins, Vet Surgeon in Mallow, of Mallow Vets is a graduate of The Veterinary College Ireland covering all aspects of veterinary medicine.

Vet Surgeon in Mallow

I enjoy a varied caseload at Mallow Vets and love being on farm dealing with problems in real time. John is a Vet Surgeon in Mallow, click here to read more:

Mallow Vets, Vet Surgeon in Mallow


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